Interface Feature

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AbstractFeature, BeanValidationFeature, BeanValidationFeature.Portable, ClientBeanValidationFeature, ClientBeanValidationFeature.Portable, DelegatingFeature, FastInfosetFeature, FastInfosetFeature.Portable, GZIPFeature, GZIPFeature.Portable, JAASAuthenticationFeature, JAASAuthenticationFeature.Portable, LoggingFeature, LoggingFeature.Portable, SchemaValidationFeature, SchemaValidationFeature.Portable, StaxDataBindingFeature, StaxDataBindingFeature.Portable, StaxTransformFeature, StaxTransformFeature.Portable, WrappedFeature, WSAddressingFeature, XSLTFeature, XSLTFeature.Portable

public interface Feature
A Feature is something that is able to customize a Server, Client, or Bus, typically adding capabilities. For instance, there may be a LoggingFeature which configures one of the above to log each of their messages.

By default the initialize methods all delegate to initializeProvider(InterceptorProvider). If you're simply adding interceptors to a Server, Client, or Bus, this allows you to add them easily.

  • Method Details

    • initialize

      void initialize(Server server, Bus bus)
    • initialize

      void initialize(Client client, Bus bus)
    • initialize

      void initialize(InterceptorProvider interceptorProvider, Bus bus)
    • initialize

      void initialize(Bus bus)