Class GZIPFeature

All Implemented Interfaces:
AbstractPortableFeature, Feature

public class GZIPFeature extends DelegatingFeature<GZIPFeature.Portable>
This class is used to control GZIP compression of messages. Attaching this feature to an endpoint will allow the endpoint to handle compressed requests, and will cause outgoing responses to be compressed if the client indicates (via the Accept-Encoding header) that it can handle them.
 <jaxws:endpoint ...>
Attaching this feature to a client will cause outgoing request messages to be compressed and incoming compressed responses to be uncompressed. Accept-Encoding header is sent to let the service know that your client can accept compressed responses.
  • Constructor Details

    • GZIPFeature

      public GZIPFeature()
  • Method Details

    • remove

      public void remove(List<Interceptor<? extends Message>> outInterceptors)
    • setThreshold

      public void setThreshold(int threshold)
    • getThreshold

      public int getThreshold()
    • setForce

      public void setForce(boolean b)
    • getForce

      public boolean getForce()