Class XSLTFeature

All Implemented Interfaces:
AbstractPortableFeature, Feature

public class XSLTFeature extends DelegatingFeature<XSLTFeature.Portable>
This class defines a feature is used to transform message using XSLT script. If this feature is present and inXSLTPath/outXLSTPath are initialised, client and endpoint will transform incoming and outgoing messages correspondingly. Attention: actually the feature breaks streaming (can be fixed in further versions when XSLT engine supports XML stream).
  • Constructor Details

    • XSLTFeature

      public XSLTFeature()
  • Method Details

    • setInXSLTPath

      public void setInXSLTPath(String inXSLTPath)
    • setOutXSLTPath

      public void setOutXSLTPath(String outXSLTPath)