Class AbstractEndpointFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class AbstractEndpointFactory extends AbstractBasicInterceptorProvider
  • Field Details

    • bus

      protected Bus bus
    • address

      protected String address
    • transportId

      protected String transportId
    • bindingId

      protected String bindingId
    • dataBinding

      protected DataBinding dataBinding
    • bindingFactory

      protected BindingFactory bindingFactory
    • destinationFactory

      protected DestinationFactory destinationFactory
    • publishedEndpointUrl

      protected String publishedEndpointUrl
    • endpointName

      protected QName endpointName
    • serviceName

      protected QName serviceName
    • properties

      protected Map<String,Object> properties
    • features

      protected List<Feature> features
    • bindingConfig

      protected BindingConfiguration bindingConfig
    • endpointReference

      protected endpointReference
    • conduitSelector

      protected ConduitSelector conduitSelector
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractEndpointFactory

      public AbstractEndpointFactory()
  • Method Details

    • createEndpoint

      protected abstract Endpoint createEndpoint() throws BusException, EndpointException
    • createBindingInfo

      protected abstract BindingInfo createBindingInfo()
    • getAddress

      public String getAddress()
    • setAddress

      public void setAddress(String address)
    • getBus

      public Bus getBus()
    • getBus

      public Bus getBus(boolean createIfNeeded)
    • setBus

      public void setBus(Bus bus)
    • getTransportId

      public String getTransportId()
    • setTransportId

      public void setTransportId(String transportId)
    • setBindingId

      public void setBindingId(String bind)
    • getBindingId

      public String getBindingId()
    • setBindingConfig

      public void setBindingConfig(BindingConfiguration obj)
    • getBindingConfig

      public BindingConfiguration getBindingConfig()
    • getDestinationFactory

      public DestinationFactory getDestinationFactory()
    • setDestinationFactory

      public void setDestinationFactory(DestinationFactory destinationFactory)
    • getPublishedEndpointUrl

      public String getPublishedEndpointUrl()
    • setPublishedEndpointUrl

      public void setPublishedEndpointUrl(String publishedEndpointUrl)
    • getEndpointName

      public QName getEndpointName()
    • setEndpointName

      public void setEndpointName(QName endpointName)
    • setServiceName

      public void setServiceName(QName name)
    • getServiceName

      public QName getServiceName()
    • setEndpointReference

      public void setEndpointReference( epr)
    • getProperties

      public Map<String,Object> getProperties()
    • getProperties

      public Map<String,Object> getProperties(boolean create)
    • setProperties

      public void setProperties(Map<String,Object> properties)
    • getFeatures

      public List<Feature> getFeatures()
    • setFeatures

      public void setFeatures(List<? extends Feature> features2)
    • getBindingFactory

      public BindingFactory getBindingFactory()
    • setBindingFactory

      public void setBindingFactory(BindingFactory bf)
    • getConduitSelector

      public ConduitSelector getConduitSelector()
    • setConduitSelector

      public void setConduitSelector(ConduitSelector selector)
    • getDataBinding

      public DataBinding getDataBinding()
    • setDataBinding

      public void setDataBinding(DataBinding dataBinding)
    • checkPrivateEndpoint

      protected boolean checkPrivateEndpoint(Endpoint ep)
      Checks if a given endpoint has been marked as private. If yes then its address will be added to a bus list property Note that client factories might also check the endpoint, ex, if the endpoint if private then it is likely no service contract will be available if requested from the remote address hence it has to be availbale locally or generated from the local source
      ep - endpoint
    • initializeAnnotationInterceptors

      protected void initializeAnnotationInterceptors(Endpoint ep, Class<?> cls)
      Add annotated Interceptors and Features to the Endpoint
      ep -
    • initializeAnnotationInterceptors

      protected void initializeAnnotationInterceptors(Endpoint ep, Class<?>... cls)
      Add annotationed Interceptors and Features to the Endpoint
      ep -
    • addToBeans

      protected static void addToBeans(Collection<Object> beans, Object o)
    • initializeAnnotationInterceptors

      protected boolean initializeAnnotationInterceptors(AnnotationInterceptors provider, Endpoint ep)