Interface DataBinding

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDataBinding, AbstractInterceptorProvidingDataBinding, SourceDataBinding, StaxDataBinding

public interface DataBinding
  • Method Details

    • createReader

      <T> DataReader<T> createReader(Class<T> cls)
    • createWriter

      <T> DataWriter<T> createWriter(Class<T> cls)
    • getSupportedReaderFormats

      Class<?>[] getSupportedReaderFormats()
    • getSupportedWriterFormats

      Class<?>[] getSupportedWriterFormats()
    • initialize

      void initialize(Service service)
      Initialize the service info (i.e. type & element names, Schemas) with information from the databinding.
      service -
    • getDeclaredNamespaceMappings

      Map<String,String> getDeclaredNamespaceMappings()
      Return a set of mappings from namespace to prefix to allow bindings to control the prefixes.
      the map, or null if there are none.
    • setMtomEnabled

      void setMtomEnabled(boolean enabled)
    • isMtomEnabled

      boolean isMtomEnabled()
    • setMtomThreshold

      void setMtomThreshold(int threshold)
      If the binding supports MTOM, set the size threshold for its use. may be overridden by (e.g.) JAXWS configuration.
      threshold -
    • getMtomThreshold

      int getMtomThreshold()