Checkout sources

Committers should work directly on the apache git repo and can directly push there.

for committers
git clone

Non committers should clone from our github mirrior as it makes it easier to provide pull requests

for non committers
git clone

Full Build

Use jdk 8 and maven 3

mvn clean install

Providing pull requests

Make sure you first open a JIRA issue with the details of the bug you are fixing or the requirements you solve when doing an enhancement.

To create a good pull request you should:

  • fork the CXF-DOSGI github repo
  • create a branch named like the issue id e.g. "DOSGI-100 Improved ..."
  • In the branch ideally have only one commit with a commit message that start with the issue id [DOSGI-100]. This will automatically hook up the PR to the JIRA issue so we directly see the PR in JIRA
  • When doing changes in your PR branch you can always squash commits and do forced push to keep it up to date. 

Before pushing make sure you run a full build and it passes. Pull requests with not merge effort and passing tests have much higher chances to be merged