Class AbstractDataBinding

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractInterceptorProvidingDataBinding, SourceDataBinding

public abstract class AbstractDataBinding extends Object implements DataBinding
Supply default implementations, as appropriate, for DataBinding.
  • Field Details

    • mtomEnabled

      protected boolean mtomEnabled
    • mtomThreshold

      protected int mtomThreshold
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractDataBinding

      public AbstractDataBinding()
  • Method Details

    • getBus

      protected Bus getBus()
    • setBus

      public void setBus(Bus bus)
      This call is used to set the bus. It should only be called once.
      bus -
    • getSchemas

      public Collection<DOMSource> getSchemas()
    • setSchemas

      public void setSchemas(Collection<DOMSource> schemas)
    • addSchemaDocument

      public addSchemaDocument(ServiceInfo serviceInfo, SchemaCollection col, Document d, String systemId)
    • addSchemaDocument

      public addSchemaDocument(ServiceInfo serviceInfo, SchemaCollection col, Document d, String systemId, Collection<String> ids)
    • updateSchemaLocation

      protected void updateSchemaLocation(Element e)
    • getNamespaceMap

      public Map<String,String> getNamespaceMap()
      the namespaceMap (URI to prefix). This will be null if no particular namespace map has been set.
    • setNamespaceMap

      public void setNamespaceMap(Map<String,String> namespaceMap)
      Set a map of from URI to prefix. If possible, the data binding will use these prefixes on the wire.
      namespaceMap - The namespaceMap to set.
    • getContextualNamespaceMap

      public Map<String,String> getContextualNamespaceMap()
    • setContextualNamespaceMap

      public void setContextualNamespaceMap(Map<String,String> contextualNamespaceMap)
    • getDeclaredNamespaceMappings

      public Map<String,String> getDeclaredNamespaceMappings()
      Provide explicit mappings to ReflectionServiceFactory. Return a set of mappings from namespace to prefix to allow bindings to control the prefixes.
      Specified by:
      getDeclaredNamespaceMappings in interface DataBinding
      the map, or null if there are none.
    • checkNamespaceMap

      protected static void checkNamespaceMap(Map<String,String> namespaceMap)
    • setMtomEnabled

      public void setMtomEnabled(boolean enabled)
      Specified by:
      setMtomEnabled in interface DataBinding
    • isMtomEnabled

      public boolean isMtomEnabled()
      Specified by:
      isMtomEnabled in interface DataBinding
    • getMtomThreshold

      public int getMtomThreshold()
      Specified by:
      getMtomThreshold in interface DataBinding
    • setMtomThreshold

      public void setMtomThreshold(int threshold)
      Description copied from interface: DataBinding
      If the binding supports MTOM, set the size threshold for its use. may be overridden by (e.g.) JAXWS configuration.
      Specified by:
      setMtomThreshold in interface DataBinding