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Package org.apache.cxf.wsdl

Interface Summary
WSDLExtensionLoader Marker interface to mark beans in the config that register addition WSDLExtensors so the WSDLManager can load the additional extensors on demand
WSDLManager WSDLManager

Class Summary
EndpointReferenceUtils Provides utility methods for obtaining endpoint references, wsdl definitions, etc.
JAXBExtensionHelper JAXBExtensionHelper
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.apache.cxf.wsdl package.
TBinding Java class for tBinding complex type.
TBindingOperation Java class for tBindingOperation complex type.
TBindingOperationFault Java class for tBindingOperationFault complex type.
TBindingOperationMessage Java class for tBindingOperationMessage complex type.
TDefinitions Java class for tDefinitions complex type.
TDocumentation Java class for tDocumentation complex type.
TDocumented This type is extended by component types to allow them to be documented
TExtensibilityElement Java class for tExtensibilityElement complex type.
TExtensibilityElementImpl Implements the ExtensibilityElement interface.
TExtensibleAttributesDocumented Java class for tExtensibleAttributesDocumented complex type.
TExtensibleDocumented Java class for tExtensibleDocumented complex type.
TFault Java class for tFault complex type.
TImport Java class for tImport complex type.
TMessage Java class for tMessage complex type.
TOperation Java class for tOperation complex type.
TParam Java class for tParam complex type.
TPart Java class for tPart complex type.
TPort Java class for tPort complex type.
TPortType Java class for tPortType complex type.
TService Java class for tService complex type.
TTypes Java class for tTypes complex type.
WSAEndpointReferenceUtils Provides utility methods for obtaining endpoint references, wsdl definitions, etc.

Exception Summary

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