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Class HttpsTokenBuilder

  extended by org.apache.cxf.ws.security.policy.builders.HttpsTokenBuilder
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HttpsTokenBuilder
extends Object
implements org.apache.neethi.builders.AssertionBuilder<Element>

This is a standard assertion builder implementation for the https token as specified by the ws security policy 1.2 specification. In order for this builder to be used it is required that the security policy namespace uri is SP12Constants.SP_NS The builder will handle

alternatives in the HttpsToken considering both cases whether the policy is normalized or not.

Constructor Summary
HttpsTokenBuilder(PolicyBuilder b)
Method Summary
 org.apache.neethi.Assertion build(Element element, org.apache.neethi.AssertionBuilderFactory factory)
 QName[] getKnownElements()
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Constructor Detail


public HttpsTokenBuilder(PolicyBuilder b)
Method Detail


public org.apache.neethi.Assertion build(Element element,
                                         org.apache.neethi.AssertionBuilderFactory factory)

Specified by:
build in interface org.apache.neethi.builders.AssertionBuilder<Element>


public QName[] getKnownElements()

Specified by:
getKnownElements in interface org.apache.neethi.builders.AssertionBuilder<Element>

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