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Package org.apache.cxf.transport.https

Interface Summary
CertificateHostnameVerifier ************************************************************************ Copied from the not-yet-commons-ssl project at http://juliusdavies.ca/commons-ssl/ As the above project is accepted into Apache and its JARs become available in the Maven 2 repos, we will have to switch to using the JARs instead ************************************************************************

Interface for checking if a hostname matches the names stored inside the server's X.509 certificate.


Class Summary
CertConstraints This class represents a set of constraints that can be placed on an X.509 certificate, in the form of a regular expression on a SubjectDN or IssuerDN.
CertConstraintsFeature .*CN=(Bethal|Gordy).* .*O=ApacheTest.* .........
CertConstraintsInterceptor An interceptor that enforces certificate constraints logic at the TLS layer.
CertConstraintsJaxBUtils A set of static methods that operate on the generated CertificateConstraintsType.
HttpsURLConnectionFactory This HttpsURLConnectionFactory implements the HttpURLConnectionFactory for using the given SSL Policy to configure TLS connections for "https:" URLs.
HttpsURLConnectionInfo This class holds information about the HttpsURLConnection.
SSLUtils Holder for utility methods related to manipulating SSL settings, common to the connection and listener factories (previously duplicated).

Enum Summary

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