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Interface MultiplexDestination

All Superinterfaces:
Destination, Observable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractHTTPDestination, AbstractMultiplexDestination, CorbaDestination, JAXWSHttpSpiDestination, JettyHTTPDestination, JMSDestination, ServletDestination

public interface MultiplexDestination
extends Destination

A MultiplexDestination is a transport-level endpoint capable of receiving unsolicited incoming messages from different peers for multiple targets identified by a unique id. The disambiguation of targets is handled by higher layers as the target address is made available as a context property or as a WS-A-To header

Method Summary
 EndpointReferenceType getAddressWithId(String id)
 String getId(Map contextMap)
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.cxf.transport.Destination
getAddress, getBackChannel, getMessageObserver, shutdown
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.cxf.transport.Observable

Method Detail


EndpointReferenceType getAddressWithId(String id)
the a reference containing the id that is associated with this Destination


String getId(Map contextMap)
contextMap - for this invocation. Obtained for example from JAX-WS WebServiceContext.getMessageContext(). The context will either contain the WS-A To content and/or some property that identifies the target address, eg MessageContext.PATH_INFO for the current invocation
the id associated with the current invocation

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