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Packages that use Extensible

Uses of Extensible in org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.model

Classes in org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.model that implement Extensible
 class SoapBindingInfo

Uses of Extensible in org.apache.cxf.service.model

Classes in org.apache.cxf.service.model that implement Extensible
 class AbstractDescriptionElement
 class AbstractMessageContainer
 class AbstractPropertiesHolder
 class BindingFaultInfo
 class BindingInfo
 class BindingMessageInfo
 class BindingOperationInfo
 class DescriptionInfo
 class EndpointInfo
          The EndpointInfo contains the information for a web service 'port' inside of a service.
 class FaultInfo
 class InterfaceInfo
 class MessageInfo
          A message for an operation.
 class MessagePartInfo
 class OperationInfo
 class SchemaInfo
 class ServiceInfo
 class UnwrappedOperationInfo

Uses of Extensible in org.apache.cxf.ws.addressing

Methods in org.apache.cxf.ws.addressing with parameters of type Extensible
static String ContextUtils.getAction(Extensible ext)

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