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Interface FaultListener

public interface FaultListener

Implement this interface to customize behavior for Exceptions thrown by the application implementing the service call. Implementations of this class must be registered in configuration of CXF to be invoked. Implementing this interface can be used for listening to exceptions that occur in the service, as long as they are not caught in the application.

Method Summary
 boolean faultOccurred(Exception exception, String description, Message message)
          Handle the occurred exception.

Method Detail


boolean faultOccurred(Exception exception,
                      String description,
                      Message message)
Handle the occurred exception.

exception - The exception
description - A description of where in the service interfaces the exception occurred.
message - the message processed while the exception occurred.
true if CXF should use default handling for this exception which normally is just logging the exception, false if CXF not should do any logging.

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