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Class ServiceDelegateAccessor

  extended by org.apache.cxf.jaxws.support.ServiceDelegateAccessor

public final class ServiceDelegateAccessor
extends Object

A utility that allows access to the 'private' implementation specific delegate of a Service. Usefull when extensions to the JAXWS Service supported methods are required.

Method Summary
static ServiceImpl get(javax.xml.ws.Service service)
          Get the delegate reference from the Service private field.
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Method Detail


public static ServiceImpl get(javax.xml.ws.Service service)
Get the delegate reference from the Service private field. This method uses Field.setAccessible() which, in the presence of a SecurityManager, requires the suppressAccessChecks permission

service - the taraget service
the implementation delegate
javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException - if access to the field fails for any reason

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