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Class AnnotationProcessor

  extended by org.apache.cxf.common.annotation.AnnotationProcessor

public class AnnotationProcessor
extends Object

Process instance of an annotated class. This is a visitable object that allows an caller to visit that annotated elements in this class definition. If a class level annotation is overridden by a member level annotation, only the visit method for the member level annotation

Constructor Summary
AnnotationProcessor(Object o)
Method Summary
 void accept(AnnotationVisitor visitor)
 void accept(AnnotationVisitor visitor, Class<?> claz)
          Visits each of the annotated elements of the object.
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Constructor Detail


public AnnotationProcessor(Object o)
Method Detail


public void accept(AnnotationVisitor visitor,
                   Class<?> claz)
Visits each of the annotated elements of the object.

visitor - a visitor
claz - the Class of the targe object


public void accept(AnnotationVisitor visitor)

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