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Package org.apache.cxf.binding.corba.wsdl

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AddressType CXF CORBA Address Type
Alias Java class for alias complex type.
Anonarray Anonymous array type.
Anonfixed Java class for anonfixed complex type.
Anonsequence Anonymous sequence type.
Anonstring Anonymous type for bounded strings.
Anonwstring Anonymous type for bounded wstrings.
Any Java class for any complex type.
ArgType CORBA Param Type
Array Java class for array complex type.
BindingType CXF CORBA Binding Type
CaseType Java class for caseType complex type.
Const Java class for const complex type.
CorbaType Anonymous IDL type.
CorbaTypeImpl Anonymous IDL type.
Enum Java class for enum complex type.
Enumerator Java class for enumerator complex type.
Exception Java class for exception complex type.
Fixed Java class for fixed complex type.
MemberType Java class for memberType complex type.
NamedType An IDL type with a repository ID.
Object Java class for object complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.apache.cxf.binding.corba.wsdl package.
OperationType CORBA Operation Type
ParamType CORBA Param Type
PolicyType Artix IIOP tunnel policy specification.
RaisesType CORBA Raises Declaration
Sequence Java class for sequence complex type.
Struct Java class for struct complex type.
TypeMappingType CXF CORBA WSDL binding type map.
Union Java class for union complex type.
Unionbranch Java class for unionbranch complex type.

Enum Summary
ModeType Java class for modeType.

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