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Interface AegisIo

All Known Subinterfaces:
AegisReader<ReaderT>, AegisWriter<SinkT>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AegisElementDataReader, AegisElementDataWriter, AegisXMLStreamDataReader, AegisXMLStreamDataWriter

public interface AegisIo

Aegis abstraction for reading. Note that this interface does not include the 'read' method. Since the caller of a reader has to know the type of the source object, the read method is not specified here in the interface, but is provided in the specific type.

Method Summary
 void setProperty(String prop, Object value)
          Set an arbitrary property on the reader.
 void setSchema(Schema s)
          Supply a schema to validate the input.

Method Detail


void setSchema(Schema s)
Supply a schema to validate the input. Bindings silently ignore this parameter if they do not support schema validation, or the particular form of validation implied by a particular form of Schema.

s -


void setProperty(String prop,
                 Object value)
Set an arbitrary property on the reader. #FAULT and #ENDPOINT specify two common properties: the Fault object being read and the Endpoint.

prop - Name of the property.
value - Value of the property.

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