Maven POM Information

To use CXF within Maven, you'll need to declare the CXF dependencies in your POM. The CXF groupId is "org.apache.cxf". Here is a small example:

For information on using Maven with CXF and Tomcat, this blog entry may be helpful.

Additional Dependencies

Depending on your usage of CXF, you may need to bring in additional dependencies--the mvn install process will usually make clear what you are missing. Here's a non-exhaustive list of additional CXF artifacts that may be needed:

Maven Snapshot Repository

To work with the latest non-release versions of CXF (not recommended for production use), updated nightly, change the CXF version to the -SNAPSHOT version desired and add the Apache snapshot repository to both the repositories and pluginRepositories sections:

The addition to the plugin repositories section is needed because the cxf-codegen-plugin, used for the WSDL2Java, Java2WS, etc. tasks, is downloaded using that entry.