JAX-RS: Maven Plugins


A wadl2java Maven plugin for generating the Java code from WADL documents and a new Maven archetype for speeding up the creation of Spring-based CXF JAX-RS web applications are currently available.


Maven archetypes can help with creating the boilerplate code which can be used to build a working application fast.

CXF 2.5.1 introduces an org.apache.cxf.archetype:cxf-jaxrs-service archetype plugin for creating and testing a simple Spring-based JAX-RS web application.

Here is how you can use it from the command line.

Note that an "org.apache.cxf.archetype:" filter is used to restrict a number of available archetypes and then a jaxrs archetype is selected. After the sample project has been created it is built and the integration tests are run.

Integration with Eclipse should also be possible.