So far, there is one sample in the distribution. This sample, called js_browser_client_simple, provides an HTML user interface to the tiny hello_world service also present in the wsdl_first sample. The HTML page for the sample is here. This gives a flavor of an HTML page invoking a web service via the CXF JavaScript client generator.

<!-- Generate and retrieve a JavaScript client for the server. -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="/SoapContext/SoapPort?js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- create an object that talks to the Greeter service. -->
var Greeter = new apache_org_hello_world_soap_http_Greeter();
<!-- set the URL for the service. No cross-scripting allowed. -->
Greeter.url = "/SoapContext/SoapPort";

var responseSpan;

<!-- This is the function called upon success. -->
function sayHiResponse(response)
    responseSpan.firstChild.nodeValue = response.getResponseType();

<!-- This is the function called for an error. -->
function sayHiError(error)
      alert('error ' + error);

<!-- This function is invoked from the button press to run the service. -->
function invokeSayHi()
    responseSpan = document.getElementById('sayHiResponse');
    responseSpan.firstChild.nodeValue = " - pending - ";
    Greeter.sayHi(sayHiResponse, sayHiError);
Hello World Sample
            <td>Run sayHi</td>
            <td><input type="button"
                       value="invoke" name="sayHi"
            <td>sayHi response</td>
            <td><span id='sayHiResponse'>- not yet invoked -</span></td>