As of this writing, there are a number of significant limitations in the generator and runtime.

XMLHttpRequest required

The utilities have been tested with the documented XMLHttpRequest object. This object is supported by Mozilla-based browsers and recent versions of Internet Explorer. The code includes a fallback to ActiveXObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0"), but we are not actively testing this fallback. If you need to work with older versions of Internet Explorer, you are on your own in adapting and testing the utilities. We'd be happy to accept contributions in this area, however.

Binding: Soap 1.1, only

The generator only support SOAP 1.1. Soap 1.2 support is likely to arrive soon. Other bindings are of questionable value.

No Authentication

Hypothetically, the XMLHttpRequest object in the browsers supports authentication. The utilities do not expose this support.

Baroque Schemas

There is no support in the generator for complex types that use particles other than 'sequence'. There is no support for attributes. If you are coding schema-first, or you are using very complex JAXB annotations, you can come up with other particles, and the generator will refuse to generate code for these types.

No Cross-Scripting

As explained on other pages, the utilities do not include any of the stock tricks that enable cross-scripting in some environments. If you need to cross-script, you will need to find another toolkit or adapt the JavaScript code.