Class MultipleEndpointObserver

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public class MultipleEndpointObserver extends Object implements MessageObserver
This MessageObserver creates an Interceptor chain which adds in the interceptors set on this class and the global Bus interceptors. At somepoint, it is expected that these interceptors will resolve the appropriate Endpoint/Binding combination and continue setting up the chain.
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  • Constructor Details

    • MultipleEndpointObserver

      public MultipleEndpointObserver(Bus bus)
  • Method Details

    • onMessage

      public void onMessage(Message message)
      Description copied from interface: MessageObserver
      Called for an incoming message, i.e. where the content format(s) is/are source(s).
      Specified by:
      onMessage in interface MessageObserver
    • createMessage

      protected Message createMessage(Message message)
      Give a chance for a Binding to customize their message
    • createChain

      protected PhaseInterceptorChain createChain()
    • setExchangeProperties

      protected void setExchangeProperties(Exchange exchange, Message m)
    • getBindingInterceptors

      public List<Interceptor<? extends Message>> getBindingInterceptors()
    • getRoutingInterceptors

      public List<Interceptor<? extends Message>> getRoutingInterceptors()
    • getEndpoints

      public Set<Endpoint> getEndpoints()