Class AbstractMultiplexDestination

All Implemented Interfaces:
Destination, DestinationWithEndpoint, MultiplexDestination, Observable

public abstract class AbstractMultiplexDestination extends AbstractDestination implements MultiplexDestination
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractMultiplexDestination

      public AbstractMultiplexDestination(Bus b, ref, EndpointInfo ei)
  • Method Details

    • getAddressWithId

      public getAddressWithId(String id)
      Builds an new endpoint reference using the current target reference as a template. The supplied id is endcoded using a reference parameter. This requires the ws-a interceptors to propagate the reference parameters on subsequent invokes using the returned reference.
      Specified by:
      getAddressWithId in interface MultiplexDestination
      id - the id to encode in the new reference
      the new reference with the id encoded as a reference parameter
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    • getId

      public String getId(Map<String,Object> contextMap)
      Obtain id from reference parameters of the ws-a to address Requires the existance of ws-a interceptors on dispatch path to provide access to the ws-a headers
      Specified by:
      getId in interface MultiplexDestination
      contextMap - the current invocation or message context
      the id from the reference parameters of the ws-a-to address or null if not found
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