Class AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Interceptor<Message>, PhaseInterceptor<Message>
Direct Known Subclasses:
ClientFaultConverter, StaxDataBindingInterceptor

public abstract class AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor extends AbstractPhaseInterceptor<Message>
  • Field Details


      public static final String NO_VALIDATE_PARTS
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor

      public AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor(String phase)
    • AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor

      public AbstractInDatabindingInterceptor(String i, String phase)
  • Method Details

    • supportsDataReader

      protected boolean supportsDataReader(Message message, Class<?> input)
    • getDataReader

      protected <T> DataReader<T> getDataReader(Message message, Class<T> input)
    • getDataReader

      protected DataReader<XMLStreamReader> getDataReader(Message message)
    • getNodeDataReader

      protected DataReader<Node> getNodeDataReader(Message message)
    • shouldValidate

      protected boolean shouldValidate(Message message)
    • setDataReaderValidation

      protected void setDataReaderValidation(Service service, Message message, DataReader<?> reader)
      Based on the Schema Validation configuration, will initialise the DataReader with or without the schema set. Can also be called to override schema validation at operation level, thus the reader.setSchema(null) to remove schema validation
    • setOperationSchemaValidation

      protected void setOperationSchemaValidation(Message message)
    • getXMLStreamReader

      protected DepthXMLStreamReader getXMLStreamReader(Message message)
    • findMessagePart

      protected MessagePartInfo findMessagePart(Exchange exchange, Collection<OperationInfo> operations, QName name, boolean client, int index, Message message)
      Find the next possible message part in the message. If an operation in the list of operations is no longer a viable match, it will be removed from the Collection.
      exchange -
      operations -
      name -
      client -
      index -
    • setMessage

      protected MessageInfo setMessage(Message message, BindingOperationInfo operation, boolean requestor, ServiceInfo si, MessageInfo msgInfo)
    • getBindingOperationInfo

      protected BindingOperationInfo getBindingOperationInfo(Exchange exchange, QName name, boolean client)
      Returns a BindingOperationInfo if the operation is indentified as a wrapped method, return null if it is not a wrapped method (i.e., it is a bare method)
      exchange -
      name -
      client -
    • getMessageInfo

      protected MessageInfo getMessageInfo(Message message, BindingOperationInfo operation)
    • getMessageInfo

      protected MessageInfo getMessageInfo(Message message, BindingOperationInfo operation, boolean requestor)