Class DOMUtils


public final class DOMUtils extends Object
Few simple utils to read DOM. This is originally from the Jakarta Commons Modeler.
  • Method Details

    • newDocument

      public static Document newDocument()
      Creates a new Document object
    • createDocument

      public static Document createDocument()
    • getEmptyDocument

      public static Document getEmptyDocument()
      Returns a static Document that should always be "empty". It's useful as a factory for for creating Elements and other nodes that will be traversed later and don't need to be attached into a document
      an empty document
    • getAttributeValueEmptyNull

      public static String getAttributeValueEmptyNull(Element e, String attributeName)
      This function is much like getAttribute, but returns null, not "", for a nonexistent attribute.
      e -
      attributeName -
    • getAllContent

      public static String getAllContent(Node n)
      Get the text content of a node and all it's children or null if there is no text
    • getContent

      public static String getContent(Node n)
      Get the trimmed text content of a node or null if there is no text
    • getRawContent

      public static String getRawContent(Node n)
      Get the raw text content of a node or null if there is no text
    • getChild

      public static Node getChild(Node parent, String name)
      Get the first element child.
      parent - lookup direct childs
      name - name of the element. If null return the first element.
    • hasAttribute

      public static boolean hasAttribute(Element element, String value)
    • getAttribute

      public static String getAttribute(Node element, String attName)
    • getAttribute

      public static String getAttribute(Element element, QName attName)
    • setAttribute

      public static void setAttribute(Node node, String attName, String val)
    • removeAttribute

      public static void removeAttribute(Node node, String attName)
    • setText

      public static void setText(Node node, String val)
      Set or replace the text value
    • findChildWithAtt

      public static Element findChildWithAtt(Node parent, String elemName, String attName, String attVal)
      Find the first direct child with a given attribute.
      parent -
      elemName - name of the element, or null for any
      attName - attribute we're looking for
      attVal - attribute value or null if we just want any
    • getChildContent

      public static String getChildContent(Node parent, String name)
      Get the first child's content ( ie it's included TEXT node ).
    • getElementQName

      public static QName getElementQName(Element el)
    • createQName

      public static QName createQName(String qualifiedName, Node node)
      Creates a QName object based on the qualified name and using the Node as a base to lookup the namespace for the prefix
      qualifiedName -
      node -
    • convertStringToQName

      public static QName convertStringToQName(String expandedQName)
    • convertStringToQName

      public static QName convertStringToQName(String expandedQName, String prefix)
    • convertStringsToQNames

      public static Set<QName> convertStringsToQNames(List<String> expandedQNames)
    • getFirstElement

      public static Element getFirstElement(Node parent)
      Get the first direct child with a given type
    • getNextElement

      public static Element getNextElement(Element el)
    • getFirstChildWithName

      public static Element getFirstChildWithName(Element parent, QName q)
      Return the first element child with the specified qualified name.
      parent -
      q -
    • getFirstChildWithName

      public static Element getFirstChildWithName(Element parent, String ns, String lp)
      Return the first element child with the specified qualified name.
      parent -
      ns -
      lp -
    • getChildrenWithName

      public static List<Element> getChildrenWithName(Element parent, String ns, String localName)
      Return child elements with specified name.
      parent -
      ns -
      localName -
    • getChildrenWithNamespace

      public static List<Element> getChildrenWithNamespace(Element parent, String ns)
      Returns all child elements with specified namespace.
      parent - the element to search under
      ns - the namespace to find elements in
      all child elements with specified namespace
    • getChild

      public static Node getChild(Node parent, int type)
      Get the first child of the specified type.
      parent -
      type -
    • getNext

      public static Node getNext(Node current)
      Get the next sibling with the same name and type
    • getNext

      public static Node getNext(Node current, String name, int type)
      Return the next sibling with a given name and type
    • getPrefixRecursive

      public static String getPrefixRecursive(Element el, String ns)
    • getPrefix

      public static String getPrefix(Element el, String ns)
    • getPrefixesRecursive

      public static void getPrefixesRecursive(Element element, String namespaceUri, List<String> prefixes)
      Get all prefixes defined, up to the root, for a namespace URI.
      element -
      namespaceUri -
      prefixes -
    • getPrefixes

      public static void getPrefixes(Element element, String namespaceUri, List<String> prefixes)
      Get all prefixes defined on this element for the specified namespace.
      element -
      namespaceUri -
      prefixes -
    • createNamespace

      public static String createNamespace(Element el, String ns)
    • getNamespace

      public static String getNamespace(Node node, String searchPrefix)
      Starting from a node, find the namespace declaration for a prefix. for a matching namespace declaration.
      node - search up from here to search for namespace definitions
      searchPrefix - the prefix we are searching for
      the namespace if found.
    • findAllElementsByTagNameNS

      public static List<Element> findAllElementsByTagNameNS(Element elem, String nameSpaceURI, String localName)
    • getDomElement

      public static Node getDomElement(Node node)
      Try to get the DOM Node from the SAAJ Node with JAVA9 afterwards
      node - The original node we need check
      The DOM node
    • getDomDocumentFragment

      public static DocumentFragment getDomDocumentFragment(DocumentFragment fragment)
      Try to get the DOM DocumentFragment from the SAAJ DocumentFragment with JAVA9 afterwards
      fragment - The original documentFragment we need to check
      The DOM DocumentFragment
    • findAllElementsByTagName

      public static List<Element> findAllElementsByTagName(Element elem, String tagName)
    • hasElementWithName

      public static boolean hasElementWithName(Element el, String nameSpaceURI, String localName)
    • hasElementInNS

      public static boolean hasElementInNS(Element el, String namespace)
    • setNamespace

      public static String setNamespace(Element element, String namespace, String prefix)
      Set a namespace/prefix on an element if it is not set already. First off, it searches for the element for the prefix associated with the specified namespace. If the prefix isn't null, then this is returned. Otherwise, it creates a new attribute using the namespace/prefix passed as parameters.
      element -
      namespace -
      prefix -
      the prefix associated with the set namespace
    • addNamespacePrefix

      public static void addNamespacePrefix(Element element, String namespaceUri, String prefix)
      Add a namespace prefix definition to an element.
      element -
      namespaceUri -
      prefix -
    • isJava9SAAJ

      public static boolean isJava9SAAJ()