Class XSLTOutInterceptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Interceptor<Message>, PhaseInterceptor<Message>

public class XSLTOutInterceptor extends AbstractXSLTInterceptor
Class provides XSLT transformation of outgoing message. Actually it breaks streaming (can be fixed in further versions when XSLT engine supports XML stream)
  • Constructor Details

    • XSLTOutInterceptor

      public XSLTOutInterceptor(String xsltPath)
    • XSLTOutInterceptor

      public XSLTOutInterceptor(String phase, Class<?> before, Class<?> after, String xsltPath)
  • Method Details

    • handleMessage

      public void handleMessage(Message message)
      Description copied from interface: Interceptor
      Intercepts a message. Interceptors should NOT invoke handleMessage or handleFault on the next interceptor - the interceptor chain will take care of this.
    • transformXWriter

      protected void transformXWriter(Message message, XMLStreamWriter xWriter)
    • transformOS

      protected void transformOS(Message message, OutputStream out)
    • transformWriter

      protected void transformWriter(Message message, Writer writer)