Interface BusLifeCycleManager

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public interface BusLifeCycleManager extends BusLifeCycleListener
The manager interface for registering BusLifeCycleListeners. A class that implements the BusLifeCycleListener interface can be registered or unregistered to receive notification of Bus lifecycle events.
  • Method Details

    • registerLifeCycleListener

      void registerLifeCycleListener(BusLifeCycleListener listener)
      Register a listener to receive Bus lifecycle notification.
      listener - The BusLifeCycleListener that will receive the events.
    • unregisterLifeCycleListener

      void unregisterLifeCycleListener(BusLifeCycleListener listener)
      Unregister a listener so that it will no longer receive Bus lifecycle events.
      listener - The BusLifeCycleListener to unregister.